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Window Cleaning in Toronto ON

Window Cleaning in Toronto ON is one of the chores around our houses that we seem to put off and put off until we haven’t even noticed that our portals to the world have become grey and dull. let’s face it, window cleaning is not one of life’s great pleasures, but it is a job that needs to be done, usually once a season in order to maintain and upkeep the value of our homes, not to mention keeping our living spaces bright and cheerful.

When one considers the process involved in giving your windows a thorough cleaning, it’s easy to see why a person could be put off so easily.

Window Cleaning - Toronto ON

First off, many of the windows in our homes are usually located in areas that are either blocked by furniture - and heavy or large furniture at that  - or, the windows are located up high in hard to access and hard to reach places. Will you need help getting certain pieces of furniture moved out of the way so that you will have an adequate working area in order to ensure your safety? Will you need a ladder to reach higher ledges, decorative window treatments? Will you need to remove blinds, draperies or decals from your windows?

Secondly, cleaning your glass surfaces only four times a year or less, chances are that you will probably come face to face with some heavy duty spider webs, dust and grime. Worse, if you smoke, there will likely be a film of nicotine that has coated the glass surfaces. You may have to pre-treat your window surfaces before you can expect to get a good shine as your final result.

Third, choosing the right kind of cleaning solution with which to cleanse the glass surfaces is only one of the choices you will have to make. The other choice has to do with choosing a solution forWindow Cleaning, Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON the cleaning of the casing or casement of the windows. Depending on their composition - whether plastic or wood, a different soapy solution other than the glass cleaner will need to be used. Should you choose a commercial store bought brand? Should you mix up something vinegar based in your kitchen?

Fourth, you much choose your tools of choice. White terry cloths? Brown paper towels? Newspaper? Recycled white paper towels? Using cloths might be the more Eco-friendly option, but it is also the more labour intensive option and you will need to have a bucket of water present to clean out the cloths unless you want to be running back and forth to your sink fairly frequently.

With all of that to consider, you also have to take into account your own physical fitness level - cleaning large glass surfaces is a tiring, laborious job.

This might be just about the time you start to say to yourself…’Maybe I’ll leave it until next season.” But it also might be the day when you say to yourself, maybe it’s time to call in some help from the professionals, maybe it’s time to give myself a break and get some affordable help. And that, is precisely where we come in! Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto, for all of your window washing needs! Window Cleaning in Toronto ON call (647) 496-5856.



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