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Post Renovation Cleaning in Toronto ON

Post Renovation cleaning should be offered as a part of all renovation contracts. However, it sadly is not. Yes, you’ll get the newly renovated, gorgeous space that you have spent a huge amount of time, energy, and thought dreaming of, planning out and executing with contractors - but you’ll also get the drywall dust (Oh! the endless drywall dust!), footprints, bits of grit and stray nails that come along with it.

Unless you call Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON to give your newly renovated space a good, thorough cleaning before you move back in and start utilizing your space.

This whole section could be dedicated to drywall dust just for the amount of bother it can cause. Drywall dust is like magic - it gets everywhere - even if you have plastic-walled and taped off areas of your space thatPost Renovation Cleaning, Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON were not renovated, you will find drywall dust. Even if your closets and cupboards were closed during renovations, you will inevitably find drywall dust coating every surface inside of your cupboards, and even behind cans and jars.

We here at Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON, not only recommend a thorough post-renovation clean of the area that was newly completed, but we also recommend a one-time clean up for the rest of the house in addition to the post-renovation clean-up.

Post Renovation Cleaning - Toronto ON

We know through experience that the best way to combat drywall dust is to try and eradicate it from the space in it’s entirety, cleaning the space as a whole rather than approaching it in sections cleaned at different times in the week. By cleaning one space and then waiting until you have time to clean another section of your space just leaves opportunity for the dust to quietly get disturbed and spread back to other, already cleaned areas of the house.

As well, consider your stress levels, especially if you had to re-locate for your renovation. You are probably tired and worn out from the constant decision making and delays and you are probably more than eager to stop living out of boxes and move back into your home again. How lovely would it be to have a shining, sanitized, immaculate space to move back into? The reward of renovating shouldn’t be more cleaning for you and more work - instead it should be pleasurable and fun to customize the already cleaned space with your possessions and decorative touches.

So, what are you waiting for? Once you have a final, firm date for the completion of your renovation, give us a call and speak to one of our many Cleaning Specialists who will tell you all of the things you’ll need to know for your post-renovation clean up. Be sure to have the approximate size of the space and to know the types of surfaces that will require cleaning, so that our Cleaning Specialist can give you an affordable quote over the phone.

It’s time to start the moving in process - and we’d like to help make that an enjoyable one for you! Post Renovation Cleaning in Toronto ON call (647) 496-5856.



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