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One Time Cleaning in Toronto ON

One Time Cleaning is a cleaning service offered by Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON to cover any event in life that causes you to need a good, thorough clean of your apartment, house, condo or office. We service the entire Greater Toronto Area and even some areas beyond those boundaries, so it is worth it to give us a call and find out if you are in one of our service areas.

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of our usual cleaning habits and things can start to pile up and accumulate. Dirt and grime compound to become more dirt and grime, and after a while it just might seem like a pointless exercise to even try and tame the beast that has grown unintentionally in your space.

We ask no questions about how a space got to the condition it is in, and we make no judgements. All weOne Time Cleaning, Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON simply need to know is what you would like cleaned and when can we start!

We have on staff a number of highly trained and proficient Cleaning Specialists who pride themselves in the professional levels of service they provide while respecting your possessions and home. Our staff understand the need for respect and care when working in someone’s home, and to that end, all of our Cleaning Specialists are bonded and insured to further reassure you of their professionalism.

When in your home, you are in charge of the types of cleaning products that are used on your surfaces, fixtures and floor coverings. We can help to recommend products if you don’t know what the most effective ones might be, and we are very happy to be able to recommend (or provide, if that is your preference) Eco-friendly cleaners to clean your space with.

One Time Cleaning - Toronto ON

As well, we are also able to provide the tools to clean your home or office with - such as the mops, vacuums and dusting materials that might be needed. If you also require large appliances to be cleaned, it is important to mention that when you call us, so that we are able to accommodate that request. Stoves, ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators and small appliances like coffee-makers, blenders and microwaves are all things we know how to clean.

When you call us to book your appointment, our Cleaning Specialists will answer the phone so that you can speak directly to an expert who can answer all of the questions you might have about the process of a one time cleaning appointment.

The Cleaning Specialists will have some basic questions to ask you about the size, scope and type of cleaning you require, and will then be able to give you some idea as to the time it will take to get your space back into tip top shape. They will also be able to give you an affordable quote right then and there over the phone.

So call us today! You have nothing to lose and a beautiful, clean and tidy home or office to re-gain! One Time Cleaning in Toronto ON call (647) 496-5856.




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