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CLEANING SERVICES: 6 days a week - AM/PM/Evenings. We provide cleaning supplies and equipment.

Affordable Cleaning Services in Oakville ON

Oakville is one of the Greater Toronto Area’s most extraordinary suburbs. It has beautiful parks, excellent restaurants and a host of amenities to enjoy. So why would you want to waste the precious free time that you have cooped up cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen? Wouldn’t you rather be out and about enjoying your amazing neighbourhood and meeting up with friends?

Let Oakville Cleaning Services take the drudgery out of your routine. Let us do the heavy scrubbing, the dusting and the mopping. Let us do the polishing and scouring. You work extremely hard to enjoy the beautiful home and quality of life you have aspired to, and now it’s time to give yourself a break.

Cleaning Services - Oakville ON

Services offered:

  • House cleaning (entryway, living/dining, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms)

  • Condominium cleaning (entryway, living/dining, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms)

  • Office cleaning (before or after hours)

  • Special Event cleaning (before/after your party)

  • New Build Construction cleaning (drywall dust, construction grime, landscaping dirt)

  • Move-in / Move-out  - renter / landlord cleaning (between tenants)

  • Large Appliance cleaning (interior of fridge, oven etc.)

Call and find out when you can get started on a monthly, biweekly, weekly, daily or occasional cleaning schedule. Isn’t it time you did something to help yourself? Our cleaning specialists are waiting to hear from you! (647) 496-5856.

How wonderful would it feel to know that when you come home and open your front door, everything will be inCleaning Services Oakville ON, Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON it’s place and all of the surfaces in your home will be shiny and sparkling clean? To know that the kitchen you are about to cook supper in has already been sanitized and the counter has been cleared of it’s clutter and the dishes put away? Think about the ease with which you could become accustomed to that lifestyle. And it’s all a phone call away.

Cleaning Services Oakville ON offers all of those services and more, and at prices that will make you smile. Hop on over to our “Request a Quote” page and peek at the things you’ll be asked about when you call for a quote. Have the number of bedrooms and bathrooms on hand and be familiar with the types of services we offer before you call. The resulting quote you will be given will be very specific and personalized, just for you. Affordable Cleaning Services in Oakville ON call (647) 496-5856.