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CLEANING SERVICES: 6 days a week - AM/PM/Evenings. We provide cleaning supplies and equipment.

Affordable Cleaning Services in North York ON

North York is one of Toronto’s most beautiful suburbs. It is located in one of the most interesting areas of the city, rich with parks, theatres, shopping, restaurants and a host of other amenities that are highly enjoyable to experience.

Let North York Cleaning Services free up your valuable time so that you can go out and enjoy what your neighbourhood has to offer. Who wants to be stuck at home on a sunny day cleaning toilets, when you could be out having fun with friends or catching the latest blockbuster movie?

We do the dirty work so that you won’t have to. Toilets, tubs, sinks and shower stalls. You name it, we can clean it. Take a look at our “Request a Quote” page to get an idea of the kind of things our cleaning specialists will be asking you about when you call for your free custom quote.

Cleaning Services - North York ON

We offer these cleaning services:

  • House (floors, counters, fixtures, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom etc.)

  • Condominium (floors, counters, fixtures, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom etc.)

  • Office (carpets, surfaces, bathrooms, wastebaskets, recycling etc.)

  • Special Event cleaning (before and/or after your event)

  • New construction move-in cleaning (drywall dust etc.)

  • Renter/Landlord cleaning (move-in / move-out)

  • Special large appliance cleaning (interior of large appliances etc.)

Cleaning Services North York ON staff will gladly use the cleaning products that you select and provide for them, or should you wish to have our cleaning specialists supply and chose the cleaning products they feel would be best suited to your home, we are happy to provide that service for you. We are well versed in green cleaning techniques.

We can meet your needs with services that will make you smile when you see how little it will cost. Imagine how great it will feel to walk into your home and have everything in it’s place with all of the fixtures sparkling and all of the surfaces shiny and dust free. Carpets vacuumed, floors swept and mopped.Cleaning Services North York ON, Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON

Our services are offered on a scheduled or nonscheduled basis. We can come to your house, condo or office on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Alternatively, you can also enlist our help for occasional or specialized cleaning, including Pre- and Post- Event (party) cleaning, Renter or Landlord Move-in Move-out cleaning or large appliance cleaning appointments. Affordable Cleaning Services in North York ON call (647) 496-5856.