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We at Affordable cleaning service staff is highly trained and experienced in efficient and effective ways to wash, scrub and add sparkle to your surroundings. All of our cleaning service-workers are bonded and insured.

Cleaning Services - Toronto ON

Cleaning Services in Toronto ON seem to be a dime a dozen - but don't let the number of companies fool you - they are not all created equal. At Affordable Cleaning Services, we offer only the best to the Greater Toronto Area. We pride ourselves on delivering top notch services to all of our clients, and giving them affordable rates while we are at it. All of our Cleaning Specialists are insured, bonded and highly trained to tackle any mess they face. Start by giving us a call and find out how you to can benefit from the great services that we have to offer.

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House Cleaning Services - Toronto ON

Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON offers the best in professional housecleaning services. All of our Cleaning Specialists are trained, insured and fully bonded to make sure that you get only the best service in your space. Our cleaning Specialists know all of the tricks of the trade for getting your space clean, sanitized and sparkling. We do the washing, scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, disinfecting and polishing - all of the things you desire to get your home into tip top shape. Imagine your peace of mind knowing that all surfaces are clean and ready for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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  • Cleaning Services Toronto ON
  • House Cleaning Toronto ON
  • Housekeeping Toronto ON
  • Maid Service Toronto ON
  • Window Cleaning Toronto ON
  • Floor Cleaning Toronto ON
  • Commercial Cleaning Toronto ON
  • Office Cleaning Toronto ON
  • Move In Move Out Cleaning Toronto ON
  • One Time Cleaning Toronto ON
  • Weekly Biweekly Monthly Cleaning Toronto ON
  • Post Renovation Cleaning Toronto ON

Housekeeping - Toronto ON

Housekeeping is an endless, thankless task - one that most of us struggle with on a daily, if not weekly basis. Well, struggle no more! Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON has all of the secrets to help you deal with your housekeeping needs in a way that won't break the bank. By giving us a call, you too can discover what all of our clients already know: that it is within everyone's power to afford some help with the household chores. We all lead busy lives packed full of responsibilities and commitments and often housekeeping is the first thing to get put on the back burner. But you deserve better - call us today and we'll get your space spic and span again!

Post Renovation Cleaning - Toronto ON

Post renovation cleaning is usually all about one thing - dust, dust and more dust! The residues left over from the construction that has given you a wonderful addition or change to your home brings with it plenty of dust and sometimes grime and other dirt too. We here at Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON are experienced in ridding your newly renovated space from any evidence that it was a building site just a short time ago. We scour all surfaces and disinfect them to get your space ready for you to move back into. Give us a call today so we can come and make your investment move-in ready for you to enjoy.

Maid Service -
Toronto ON

Maid service is something each of us has dreamed about having at some point in our lives. Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON can help make that fantasy a reality. When you call us to find out about our affordable rates and extensive services, you can discover for yourself how little it would take to have premium maid service for your home. All of our Cleaning Specialists are fully trained, bonded and insured, and they know how to keep a household running smoothly and cleanly. They are experts in efficient methods to keep your house immaculate and sanitized. Call today to find out more!

Floor Cleaning - Toronto ON

We pride ourselves on being the experts in cleaning all types of flooring in your home. Whether you have tile, engineered hardwood, laminate wood, wall-to-wall carpeting or area rugs covering your floors, we have the know how and the skill to get them dust, dirt and lint-free in no time. Here at Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON, we understand that what is underfoot provides the backdrop to your home's beauty, and as such, we pay special attention to cleaning your floors correctly and thoroughly. Let us help you make your home sparkle and shine with our highly trained and insured Cleaning Service Specialists!


Window Cleaning - Toronto ON

Window Cleaning is a hard and difficult job for any homeowner to tackle. It is a multi step process that requires experience, knowledge of cleaning products and a lot of elbow grease. Here at Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON, we have the know-how and the skill to get the job done safely and correctly. We leave the choice of cleaning product up to you, as you know your needs best, whether you prefer traditional store-bought cleaning products or you prefer an organic touch in the cleaning fluids used in your home. We aim to make you happy with our service and your sparkling windows!

Office Cleaning - Toronto ON

Office cleaning and maintenance is another specialty of Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON. We are highly experienced working in all types of office locations - whether they be residential, commercial or industrial offices. We understand the need for a clean and sanitary work space and the ways in which such a desirable work space can positively impact the productivity of your employees. Our Cleaning Specialists target the main areas of wear and tear in an office environment and make sure that the kitchen area and washroom facilities are sparkling and clean. We aim to keep your office space tidy and immaculate so that you will be ready to receive client visits at a moment's notice.

Commercial Cleaning -  Toronto ON

Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON provides commercial cleaning services for your place of business and commercial retail locations. We have extensive experience working in and around high value stock and display fixtures and all of our Cleaning Specialists are fully insured and bonded for your convenience. We take pride in working with the high-end materials that cover the walls, floors and furniture in your commercial spaces, keeping them clean, tidy and looking like new. Call us today to speak to one of our representatives to get a fully customized quote for your commercial location and all of your cleaning needs.

One Time Cleaning - Toronto ON

Sometimes the dirt just accumulates slowly. There are a million reasons it can happen. And it's OK, we don't judge. We just want to get your home clean again. Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON offers a one-time cleaning service where we will send a cleaner, or team of cleaners, depending on your needs, into your home to do a thorough deep clean of your space and all of the surfaces and floor coverings within it. Kitchen, bathroom(s) and every other room in the space will receive a thorough clean from our trained, insured and experienced cleaners. Call us today to find out more.

Move In Move Out Cleaning - Toronto ON

At Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON, we are the go-to in the industry for Moving-in and Moving-out cleaning services. We understand the stress and disorientation that comes with the act of moving, so let us help you take some of the load off. When we arrive to clean your space before you move you treasured and valued possessions in, or after you have packed, labelled and hauled your things away, we know how to get the floors and surfaces clean and sanitized. We also think of the details - like giving your major appliances (fridges, stoves, dishwashers) a thorough going over so that they are like new again.

Weekly Biweekly Monthly Cleaning -  Toronto ON

Affordable Cleaning Services Toronto ON is happy to work with YOUR schedule. Whether you need daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning visits, we are able to accommodate your needs as they change and evolve with your work or family situation. Our Cleaning Specialists are all trained to do the same thorough job no matter how often they come to clean your home. All of our Cleaning Specialists are bonded and insured to ensure your utmost comfort and confidence. Call us today and one of our representatives will be pleased to give you a quote, customized for your space and your individual needs.

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